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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix O


Bilborough College Expedition to Myvatn
Iceland 1979

Expedition Personnel

Bob Dossetter, Joint Leader, Biologist
Rosalynde Grum, Joint Leader, Geologist
John M Kendrick, Linguist, Mountaineer with special responsibility for Insurance and Freight
Margaret Gotheridge, Chemist, Treasurer and Quartermaster
Lyn Stone, Geographer, Geologist, PE

Students Year Subjects
Philip Butler 1 Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology
Andrew Simpson 1 Mathematics, Geography, Geology
Paul Pollicott 1 Chemistry, Biology, Geology
Christopher Bailey 2 Geography, Geology, Surveying, Photography
Tim Waite 2 Geography, Government and Politics, Economics
Nick Guest 1 Mathematics, Geography, Geology, PE
Dinsdale Broderick 1 Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Mathematics
Penny Weston 2 Biology, History, English
Rozanne Pare 1 Geography, Geology, Biology
Kate Shaw 2 Biology, English, French
Lindsey Mitchell 1 Biology, Geography, Mathematics
Anne Tomlin 2 Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Charmaine McPherson 1 Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Lai Man Shum 1 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Catherine Hall 1 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics
Karen Graudins 1 Biology, English, Geography


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

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