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Dorothy Bell (née Dix)
'59/'66, Mansfield, England, language services, dotbell @ translations-online.co.uk, PROFESSIONAL
Paul Biney
'65/'67, Bern, Switzerland, computing, Swiss Post Office, bineyp @ post.ch
Alan Bird
'67/'74, Nottingham, birdfamily @ 27birkdale.freeserve.co.uk
Celia Blair (née Zajac)
'57/'62, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, London, England, principal lecturer, education, c.blair @ kingston.ac.uk
Graham Blatherwick
'58/'66, BL @ boscol.globalnet.co.uk
Gillian Bridle (née Dennis)
gill @ oscarcat.demon.co.uk
Annette Broom (née Power)
'65/'72, Perth, Western Australia, researcher, ecology and epidemiology of arboviruses, U. of W.A., abroom @ cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Paul Chadwick
P.W.Chadwick @ dur.ac.uk
Richard Challand
'57/'64 (founder pupil), Beckenham, Kent, England, Associate Lecturer, Open University, pharmaceutical research, rchalland @ compuserve.com
Richard Coleman
richard.coleman @ virgin.net
Bernard Coxhead
-/'69 (c/o Alumni Net)
Peter Darby
Calgary, Canada, information technology, pdarby @ telusplanet.net
Phil (Pip) Davis
'59/'64, Nottingham, England, phildavis55 @ hotmail.com
Paul Dilks
'63/'66, Heanor, Derbyshire, teacher of technology, ret'd, paul @ pauldilks.fsnet.co.uk
Rod Dykeman
'72/'77, Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, University of Nottingham, rod @ dykeman.freeserve.co.uk PROFESSIONAL

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Kathryn Easter
1967-1974, Nottingham, birdfamily @ 27birkdale.freeserve.co.uk
Richard Flinders
'66/'71, Langwarrin, near Melbourne, Australia, engineering management, PERSONAL, flinders @ netspace.net.au
David Fox
'58/'65, Salford, England, Deputy Headteacher, davjofox @ aol.com
David Frearson
'69/'76, North Bend, Washington, USA, IT, Microsoft Corporation, dave_Frearson @ hotmail.com
Simon Gledhill
'71/'78, Nottingham, England, information technology, PERSONAL, simes @ infoloco.com
Elaine Golding (née Straw)
'62/'68, Nottingham, England, Education, elaine.golding @ lineone.net
Kay Jones (née Lewinski)
'62/'69, valtos @ talk21.com
Robert Hallam
'61/'68, Cheshire, England, pharmaceuticals, rhallam @ hotmail.com
Richard Harwood
'56/'63, RikHarwood @ aol.com
Richard Hawes
-/'69 (c/o Alumni Net)
Chris Haywood
'59/'66, chris.haywood @ tesco.net
Susan Heard (née Seymour)
'61/'68, Nottingham, England, Heard @ btinternet.com
Eileen Hume (née Armstrong)
'58/'64, Wirral, Cheshire, England, archivist / librarian, eileen.hume.dlcs @ knowsley.gov.uk
Glyn Hughes
'68/'75, Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire, England, Head of Ecommerce, Derbyshire Building Society,  glyn.hughes @ tinyonline.co.uk

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Jonathan Ivins
'67/'72, Loughborough, Leicestershire, England, Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, Leicester, PROFESSIONAL, jonathan.ivins @ ntlworld.com
Glenn Latimer (formerly Lewinski)
'59/'66, Peoria, IL, USA, Peoria Park District, Athletics Consulting, glennlat @ aol.com
Gerald Lewis
gplhml @ quicklink.com
Martin Lloyd
'60/'67, Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England, chartered accountancy, PKF Chartered Accountants, mlloydy @ msn.com
Corby Macdonald
'72/'77, Swadlincote, Derbyshire, England, Royal Navy, ret'd, corbymacdonald @ lineone.net
Chris Maltby
'72/'77, Nottingham, England, software consultant, mail @ chrismaltby.com
John Martin
'61/'68, Richmond Hill, Canada, information technology, johnhmartin @ rogers.com, ICQ 4766020, PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL
Nicholas Martin
'63/'70, London, England, marine civil engineering, nickjmartin @ hotmail.com, PROFESSIONAL
Fred Miller
'64/'71, Long Eaton, Nottingham, England, Sport England, fredm @ english.sports.gov.uk or frederick.miller @ ntlworld.com, ICQ 46864948, PROFESSIONAL
John Morley
'61/'68, London, England, alternative medicine, johnmorley @ which.net, PROFESSIONAL
Joseph Morley
josephmorley @ ukgateway.net
Jane Pearson (née Harris)
'69/'74, jane.pearson1 @ tesco.net
Glenn Price
GPrice @ postalpro.com

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Stuart Ribbons
'67/'74, Lowdham, Nottingham, England, HSBC, Stuart @ mudanzas.freeserve.co.uk
Tim Richards
'70/'78, Nottingham, England, tjrbrichards @ middlenook.freeserve.co.uk
Simon Rodwell
s.a.rodwell @ open.ac.uk
Collin Sansom
'69/'71, Giltbrook, Nottingham, England, history teaching, Hucknall National School, nottscol @ ntlworld.com
Alan Sawyer
60'/'67, Gloucester; RAF, alanandlesley.sawyer btinternet.com
Mark Scott
'69/'76, Horwich, England, teacher training, e-mail - markgscott @ yahoo.co.uk, MSN Messenger -   markgscott @ yahoo.co.uk
Keith Shipman
'72/-, shipman @ ntlworld.com
Phillip Soar
'58/'65, Nottingham, England, Deputy Chairman, Nottingham Forest Football Club, Chairman, Waypoint Exhibitions, Tidgrange @ aol.com, PROFESSIONAL
Brenda Unger
ungerj @ cadvision.com
Mick Upton
'59/'66, Nottingham, Building and Development, michael.upton @ ntlworld.com
Patrick Wallace
'57/'64, Oxfordshire, Astronomy Software Consultant, ptw @ star.rl.ac.uk
Timothy Wallace
'61/'68, Salford, England, senior lecturer, organic chenistry, T.W.Wallace @ salford.ac.uk, PROFESSIONAL
Jan Ware (née Matkin)
'61/'68, New Malden, Surrey, England, janware @ blueyonder.co.uk
Peter Wright
'56/'63, Chippenham, Wiltshire, England, Lucent Technologies, mailme @ pete-wright.co.uk, PERSONAL
John Wykes
-/'62 (c/o Alumni Net)

A partial list of students may be found here. A work-in-progress, the criteria for inclusion are direct contact or reference in correspondence, and the webmaster's diligence in updating the list.


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Michael Clark
History, Nottingham, England, michael.clark1 @ dtn.ntl.com
Michael Robinson
'62/'97 Chemistry, Nottingham, England, actively retired, author, M.T.Robinson @ btinternet.com
Rod Yarnell
'64/'96, Physics, Nottingham, England, retired from full-time teaching, examiner (Cambridge), secretary of the Nottingham branch of the Institute of Physics, jryarnell @ onetel.net.uk

A complete list of Bilborough Grammar School staff (having served between 1957 and 1972) may be found here. The list was provided by Mike Robinson. Our understanding is that the information it contains is in the public domain.


Please contact the webmasters, John Martin and Mike Robinson, directly for changes.

The e-mail address that goes with this web space receives such massive volumes of spam that we have given up checking it in disgust.

New contacts will be published on this page at the discretion of the webmasters. Changes will be made as soon as we are able. Other correspondence will not be published without permission.

The suggested minimum contact information should include: your name, the name you were known by in your Bilborough years, whether you were a student, staff or both, the years you started at, and left Bilborough in either capacity, where you are living now, what you are doing now, your e-mail address, and a web page reference (a personal home page or an organizational CV page) if you have one. Please indicate any information that you do not wish published.

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December 14, 2003