Bilborough 1957-2000,
Portrait of a College

Bilborough 1957-2000, Portrait of a College, edited by Dr Michael T Robinson, tells the story of the founding of the second-to-last grammar school opened in Nottingham, its metamorphosis into sixth-form college and its further development to meet the needs of the students in the new millennium. Here you may read how the Forster Elementary Education Act of 1870 shaped education provision in the city and how, more directly, the Butler Education Act of 1944 led to the opening of Bilborough Grammar School; how the grammar school built a strong reputation for academic and sporting achievement under the dynamic leadership of Dr Harry Peake; how Ivor Williams consolidated these strengths in a changing social environment; how Charles Martin master-minded the transition to thriving sixth-form college; how Gordon Brown orchestrated proceedings prior to and post Incorporation and finally how Martin Slattery fine-tuned operations to ensure that the college retained its independence.

At every stage of the narrative, via contributions from over fifty former (and current) staff and students, you may read of personal insights, never before revealed!

The answers appear in Bilborough 1957-2000, Portrait of a College, with its 26 appendices of facts and figures and dates. (*Contributors)

Staff contributors, by year of appointment, are RD, RP, DKR, APS, AET, IB, AG, JP, BC, MDC, CJ, MTR, JRY, JA, JL/JD, JD, MEE, JLB, JMB. JMK, RK, AJR, GFA, JG, CGM, MCO, SPP, DEM, PAS, PHJ, DM, JH, HGB, DB/DP, MJS, FW and the chairman of Bilborough College Corporation.

Bilborough 1957-2000, Portrait of a College (174 A4 pages, nearly 103,000 words, 7 illustrations - a snip at 10) is completely sold out, will not be reprinted. Those of you who own a copy own a collector's item.


John Martin
June 14, 2003