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Bilborough Grammar School
Class of '64-'66 Reunion

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Letter of Invitation

Mick Upton's letter of invitation to "old BGSers of 64/66 – and other hangers-on types."


Friday and Saturday, November 23 and 24, 2001


Attendees (as they were known at Bilborough)

Rob Allwood
Hilary Bacon
Jenny Bentley
Robert Breckles
Jenny Childs
Phil "Pip" Davies

Dot Dix
Dick Edwards
Chris Haywood

Kay Lewinski
Glenn Lewinski

Ann McKay
Lorna Mullins
Sheila Pownall
Mike Robinson

Pat Stainwright
Mick Upton

Liz Wells
Karen Whitehead

Lynn Wood
Pat Waring
Martin Woodland
Rod Yarnell


Mick Upton michael dot upton at ntlworld dot com


Courtesy of Chris Heywood (Chris, you owe me some captions. -jm)

chris1.jpg (34619 bytes)

chris2.jpg (45471 bytes)

chris3.jpg (36600 bytes)

chris4.jpg (37400 bytes)

chris5.jpg (37663 bytes)

chris7.jpg (30001 bytes)

chris8.jpg (33326 bytes)

Courtesy of Rob Allwood

Chris, Lynn and Mick

Cuff and Ann

Gill and Joan

Glenn and Dot

Jim, Karen and Cuff

Pat and Rob

The Two Jennys

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John Martin
November 30, 2001