Wollaton, Nottingham, England

Email: michael dot upton at ntlworld dot com

13 June 2001

To old BGSers of 64/66 – and other hangers-on types.

It’s not protocol to start any letter or speech with an apology – but accept my apologies if you feel this letter is an intrusion – as I need to start with an explanation.

Following ex chemo teacher Mike ‘Bob’ Robinson ( whom I see regularly) telling me that BGS had a website,I looked on the web and subsequentely I have made contact via the internet with a few old friends – notably Lynn Wood (Durham), Chris Haywood (Sussex), and Glen Lewinski (USA). All have suggested a reunion in Nottingham, and as I am the only one still in the home town, I have been co-opted to organise it.

I contacted Janice Ware, who organised the last major reunion, and she gave me your address, which you left with her for future contacts – so much for the past.

It is our intention over the weekend of Nov 23/24 2001 to meet again and bore each other to death with details of the last 35 years.

The programme is as follows:-

So far the following have responded positively:

Mick Upton, Chris Haywood (Sussex), Lynn Wood (Durham), Glenn Lewinski(USA), Dot Dix (Mansfield), Ann McKay (London), Rob Allwood (Cranfield-subject to lecture tour!)Karen Whitehead(Nottm), Phil pip Davies (Nottm), Pat Waring (and husband Martin Woodland-Nottm),and Bob Robinson (chemo teacher-Nottm).

This letter is also going to Liz Wells, Lynda Richards, Pat Carlton, Jenny Bentley, Rev. Rob Breckles, Kay Andrews, Carol Reardon, Lorna Mullins, Jenny Godson, Hilary Bacon, Ian Wright, Gill Dennis, Graczina Kawalec, and Wendy Soar – who all indicated they left in 64 or 66 on Janice Wares database. (Apologies again to those who have been contacted by others as I know Lynn, Ann, Dot and Pat are writing to various bodies).I also have address for Johnny Ryland

The reunion is mainly for 64/66 leavers – but is not a closed shop. Glenn’s sister Kay (left 67/68?, is invited and will probably come from London. Pete Goldthorpe, left 65, has been in touch (from Sweden) and wants to come. Teachers Mike Clarke (history?) and Rod Yarnell (physics?) have also been asked – the more the merrier!

If anyone needs accomodation, Pat (Waring) and Martin Woodland have a splendid superior B and B on Trowell Moor (at reasonable rates – but only 4 beds so book early!) telephone 0115-928 0933.

It has been recommended that partners/wives/husbands etc. are left at home – previous experience has shown extreme boredom for them in these situations – however the choice is yours.

Well that’s the story so far – can I now ask you what I would like you to do:-

I look forward to hearing from you – give me as much notice as possible as this could get totally out of hand!

Best wishes,
Mick ‘uppo’ Upton