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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix E


School Rules


  1. No pupil will be admitted, or permitted to return to School after the holidays, except on production of the Health Certificate signed by a Parent.
  2. Reasons for absence should be addressed to the Form Master/Mistress. No reason for absence except illness or bereavement is accepted, unless permission has previously been obtained from the Headmaster. If a pupil is absent from School, even for a single morning or afternoon, the Form Master/Mistress must be informed of the cause, in writing and at once. Parents should not wait for an enquiry from the School to be made before writing.
  3. When leave of absence is desired, application must be made by letter to the Headmaster. The letter must state the precise reason for which leave is desired. Leave will not be given if a reason is not stated. Entertainment is not an adequate reason.
  4. When it is desired that a pupil should, on any particular occasion, leave School before the usual hours, a note to this effect, and not an oral message, must be sent to the Headmaster.
  5. Reasons for lateness must be addressed to the Form Master/Mistress. No excuse can be accepted unless the note is signed by the pupil's parents and states the precise reason.
  6. In every case where a pupil is found to be suffering, or is suspected of having been exposed to infectious or contagious disease, this fact must be notified at once to the Headmaster and the pupil must be kept away from school until the period of quarantine is ended.


School Property

  1. Misuse of School property is a serious offence.
  2. Any loss of/or damage to School property must be reported immediately. If the loss or damage occurs in a form room, it should be reported to the Form Master or Mistress. Damage caused elsewhere should be reported to the Office and to the Senior Master or Mistress.
  3. All books used in the School must have the name of the pupil to whom they have been issued, written legibly in ink, on the regulation label. No marking or writing in textbooks is allowed except on the instruction of a Master or Mistress. Breakage, damage or loss of School property must be made good.


Personal Property

  1. All personal property must be removed before the holidays.
  2. All clothing, caps, books, bags, shoes and all other articles of school use must bear the name of the owner, legibly marked.
  3. Money or articles of value should not be left in pockets, but should be deposited in the Office or handed to a Master or Mistress for safe keeping.
  4. Loss of property at anytime should be notified to the Form Master or Mistress.
  5. Articles that are found must be handed in at the Office at once.
  6. Any boy or girl found interfering with another boy's or girl's cycle will be severely punished.


School Dinners

No boy/girl staying at School for dinner may leave the School premises and grounds without the permission of the Master/Mistress in charge. This will be given only on a Parent's written request.


Playground and Games Field

  1. All litter is to be deposited in the baskets provided.
  2. Ball games will only be allowed in the playgrounds if the ball used is of the perforated plastic type.



  1. No pupil is allowed to come to School by bicycle unless he / she possesses a cycle permit.
  2. In the interests of safety, cyclists will use the entrance on Hanslope Crescent and not that on Bilborough Road. They must dismount before entering the grounds.



Attendance at Assembly is compulsory except on Religious or health grounds. In the case of health a Medical Certificate will be necessary. Exemption from Scripture lessons may be granted on Religious grounds only.


School Uniform

School Uniform is to be worn at School or at any School engagement, or when a boy or girl is going to or from School or any School engagement. Pupils must also have the stated requirements for Physical Education and Games.


Physical Education

  1. Physical Education, Games and Swimming form a regular part of the School curriculum. No pupil is permanently excused therefrom without a Medical Certificate, which should be sent to the Headmaster. If a parent thinks it necessary for a pupil to be excused on a particular day on health grounds, application by letter should be made to the Master or Mistress in charge.
  2. A bath or shower is compulsory for all pupils after gym or games.



  1. Disorderly or unmannerly conduct in public will be treated as a School offence.
  2. When moving about staircases or corridors the 'keep left' rule is to be observed. RUNNING IS NOT ALLOWED. Shouting and whistling indoors are forbidden.
  3. Pupils will, in general, remain outside the School building:- (i) until 8-55 am. (ii) at break. (iii) during the dinner hour until 1-45 pm. (iv) after 4-15 pm.
  4. Girls and boys will use their respective entrances. Girls' cloakrooms and playground are out of bounds to boys. Boys' cloakrooms and playground are out of bounds to girls.
  5. No pupil may have in his/her possession, fire-arms, ammunition, catapults, fireworks, sheath knives or any other article which would involve breach of School discipline, or be attended with danger to himself/herself or others.
  6. Pupils are not allowed to buy or sell amongst themselves, nor to gamble.


Details of the uniform for boys and girls (and suppliers) were equally clearly set out.


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

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