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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College


Appendix A
Result of the census of school in the Borough of Nottingham as reported in the School Board Minutes, 15th May, 1871

Appendix B
An extract from City of Nottingham Development Plan, 1952

Appendix C
The numbers of pupils on roll in City of Nottingham Grammar School in the period 1945 to 1963

Appendix D
The Staff (1957)

Appendix E
School Rules

Appendix F
Poll from Magazine No. 1

Appendix G
Pupil-Student Numbers, Bilborough Grammar School, 1957-1976

Appendix H
Options 1961-62

Appendix I
Guide-lines on dress

Appendix J
Bilateral Schools created and the type of course available

Appendix K
Details of Bilborough Staffing provisions for William Sharp

Appendix L
Student Numbers, Bilborough Sixth-Form College, 1973-1999

Appendix M
Subject Blocks used as the basis for the Timetable 1975-6

Appendix N
Courses advertised in the Prospectus 1978-9

Appendix O
Bilborough Grammar School Expedition to Myvatn, Iceland, 1979
Expedition Personnel

Appendix P
Career Discussions for CGM

Appendix Q
Annual Presentation of Prizes

Appendix R
Treasurer's Statement for the Fête held on 3rd July, 1971

Appendix S
A Treasure Hunt

Appendix T
The Premises

Appendix U

Appendix V
From the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke, QC, MP

Appendix W
Dramatic Productions 1957-2000

Appendix X
Aux Armes, Étudiants

Appendix Y

Appendix Z


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