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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix M


Subject Blocks used as the basis for the Timetable 1975-6

General Studies A-level Course A-level Course A-level Course Physical Recreation, etc.
  61 62 63  
  Biology Biology Art  
  Chemistry Chemistry Biology  
  Economics Economics English  
  English English French  
  French Geography Geography  
  German History History  
  Mathematics Mathematics Home Economics  
  Physics Needlework Mathematics  
  Religious Studies Physics Music  
      Technical Drawing  


Sub-columns of Courses leading to O-level or equivalent

61A 61B 62C 62D 63E 63F
Accounts Biology Boys Craft Art and Design Biology Economics
Craft Commerce Chemistry Computer Studies English Electronics
Drama and Theatre Arts Engineering Science English French German Environmental Studies
Geography English Home Economics Geology Government and Politics Mathematics
  Human Biology Needlework Music Mathematics  


General Studies

All Students take General Studies courses. They contain an area of non-examination subjects, an area of Craft/Culture options and an integrated course of Lectures on 'Man in Society'. They are designed to broaden your education beyond the narrow bounds of your examination subjects and to provide a common meeting-ground where all types of student views can be exchanged.


Physical Recreation, etc.

A wide range of Games and physical pursuits or Social Service or External Training or Work Experience


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

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