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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix X


Aux Armes, Étudiants

Have you been told that University is a lot different from school and that a lot of adjustment will be required both in intellectual and personal terms? Well it is not.

We have the same problems in university as you face in School - the problem of paternalist regulations of various details of personal and intellectual life, the problem of an examination system which is no more than a structure to meet the needs of a class society, the problem of exclusion from the decision making machinery which attempts to regulate students' lives. At University, however, a pretence is maintained that 'enquiring minds' are free to ask relevant questions of problems, with the important proviso that the answers must be acceptable. At school it is not normal procedure for students to ask questions about arguments from authority and inertia, but university dissent to a greater or lesser extent revolves around unacceptable answers to relevant questions concerning the aims of education, and the organisation of the structure to promote these. Apart from the fact that our headmaster is termed 'vice chancellor', and our prefects are called wardens, security guards and porters, that we are 'sent down' and not expelled, that we have our pockets not our arses caned, the questions raised in university dissent are as relevant to schools and colleges as they are to university structures.

There are over ten million students in this country, there are too many of us to close down every protesting university, to cane every independent minded student at school, to gag every dissident voice. If YOU are interested in the abolition of corporal punishment in schools, the abolition of exams, prefects, compulsory religious education and assemblies, school uniform, tyrannical headmasters, school rules and the whole apparatus of educational control, then come along to the university next MONDAY JUNE 30 at 7.30 pm to room B7 in the Portland Building and help form a Schools Action Group in your school. We will offer you every subversive aid we can, we can organise together, to break down both the existing school structure and university structure and social structure.



Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

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