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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix T


The Premises

1960 former B2 (current C3) extended; A-block brought into use
1963 H1 and H2 brought into use
1970-1973 H3 and H4 in use
1974 A-block loaned to William Sharp
1970-79? male toilet near former B2 converted into 'rat room'
1975 1.4 equipped as film and television room; PTA donated a colour television receiver and vcr
by February, 1976 computer terminal installed (PDP8 computer on loan from Hampshire Newspaper Company)
Summer, 1976 Art and 0.1 joined; 0.3 fitted out as drama studio; old 'kitchen' converted to coffee bar
1977 rubber floor of junior library replaced by Nylfloor
1977-79? north changing rooms converted to music practice rooms
January, 1979 B2 and C1 interchanged, becoming C3 and B2 respectively
1979 female toilet [by new C3] converted to stock room
Summer, 1979 part of science corridor cloakroom => student social facilities, part => careers & caretaker's offices
Summer, 1980 1.6 partitioned to ease pressure on Geography department
Easter, 1981 603 and 604 knocked into one room to provide a base for RE
Summer, 1981 1.5 partitioned => extra computing facilities; ?2.6 partitioned => Maths office; A-block shared
Spring, 1982 additional office space and Students Office built in entrance hall
September, 1982 A-block occupied full-time by Geography department
Autumn, 1983 4 classrooms at Portland Primary School available, and used for GCE and Oxford examinations
January, 1984 staffroom extended into 0.9
Autumn, 1984 cafeteria system revamped, dining room partitioned and new entrance provided
1985? 'rat room' converted to chemistry department office
February, 1988 room 600 refurbished
Summer, 1988 1.6 carpeted and fitted out for electronics; 1.6a carpeted and available as a 'bookable' IT facility;
October, 1988 fume cupboard fitted in C3
February, 1989 dining room refurnished
1989 H1 and H2 carpeted
through 1990 0.2 => lower library; reprographics => old diminished 'scullery'; coffee bar => 600; fire precautions;
Summer, 1991 administration corridor and front stairs (to first floor) carpeted
August, 1991 window installed in chemistry preparation room; new shelving fitted
Summer, 1994 major improvements in 'student restaurant'; breakfast service introduced by Caterskill
1995 housecraft room refitted as classroom; 601 and 607 conjoined to house new language laboratory
Summer, 1996 twilight zone made way for technician room
Aug/Oct, 1997 612 and 613 knocked together (Economics) / 614 and 615 knocked together (History & G & P)
Summer, 1997 Duplex Portakabin (2 rooms) installed adjacent to H1/H2
August, 1998 0.3 linked to outer office; 604 and 603 reinstated - briefly; 603 knock through into 602 (German); 604, office; 605, still in tact (Franšais); 2nd Duplex Portakabin (3 rooms)installed adjacent to 1st
Summer, 1999 library seriously re-vamped; twilight zone re-created; 5 class-room block installed on top courts


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

URL: http://bilboroughgrammar.tripod.com/1957-2000/appendix/t.htm