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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix S


A Treasure Hunt

START from the car park of the Nottingham Knight. Follow the signs to MELTON, past Wheatcroft's Garden Centre, round the island, and take the A606 (Melton). No clues on the main road stretch.

Turn LEFT at the Total Garage, signed Tollerton.

1. They must be kept on it. What must?
2. Leading off Medina Drive, the square root of 25 . . . will enable you to name it.
3. When it operates, it initially may mean Much Running About. What is it?


4. Did Blackmore sleep here? Where?
5. Many a passing hungry nag may well have paused to buy a bag. How much for 9?
6. To drop your rubbish is a sin, it may mean they can not win it. Win what?
7. With open mouth it readily awaits your pleasure. Say who it was who made this homely treasure.

Turn LEFT at junction.

8. Home sweet home - by whom?
9. Sticky Bill was well insured. How many signs of it?

Turn RIGHT - signed Owthorpe.

10. If you add it up and multiply by 7 it comes to 161. Do it yourself and say what does. (Calculators allowed)
11. He may have left her at the post, but he was her admyra. Who is or was?
12. 302, yes, its current. Where is it?
13. With this Estate is associated a Hall. Name it.

A46 crossroads. Cross very carefully.

14. Mighty oak or feathery ash, all turned here from tree to cash. Where?

Straight on at crossroads.

15. Not made of redwood, only looks like it. How many pieces are there?

Turn RIGHT at 'give way' sign - Kinoulton.

16. How many miles up at Mackley's?
17. There may be none on the road tonight, but there's a sign of it. Of what?

Bear LEFT at junction.

18. Which two signed on here?

Turn RIGHT at crossroads.

19. It must have been this Sovereign's favourite tipple, by the grace of God. Who was he?

Keep RIGHT up village street.

20. Bill B. was there at the building of it and later snuffed it. How many years between?
21. The perspective may be half baked, but there are a number of supporters. How many?
22. Susan's main proclivity is strenuous activity. An obvious live wire, Kinoulton's ball of fire. What can you join her in?
23. If your pooch has rank unsocial habits, rather worse than chasing cats or rabbits, PC Plod may spot the evidence, which could cost you quite a lot of pence. How many?

Be careful on the S bend.

24. Pony post. Where?
25. Equinal post-digestive workings trigger many a gardener's brag, about his marrows, spuds and gherkins, the question is . . . how much per bag?
26. Here you'll find for sure virile males galore. Where?

Take care over two crossroads (A46 & A606)

27. Few will now recall that distant day when fiery belching monsters passed this way. If to slake your thirst here is your notion, better check your means of locomotion. Why?
Have a rest - no clues for about a mile.

Turn LEFT at School House.

28. Unless you shine a light, they're purposeless, superfluous. How many of them?
29. Here live a bunch of bovine beauties. Whose?

(Did you turn RIGHT a few yards back?)

30. Parents! What and what are dangerous?

Keep straight on.

31. You'll be up the pole if you disconnect it. What?
32. How many did the 'B's lay?

Turn LEFT at junction and disembark at the Church (Wysall)

33. Here is Peace - how many times over?
34. If on the 14th of July, the church was polished, clean and spry, all this was carried out with gusto, by Mr, Mrs or Miss . . . . . Name?
35. He was young once. What was his trade? (Nothing to do with gravestones)

Back aboard and turn LEFT - signed Wymeswold.

36. Slots and a cross. How many slots?
37. If you're dying for a fag, a crafty puff, a secret drag, this is not the place to light it, so kick the habit, try to fight it. No what, what and what?
38. Mr Thompson left his mark. How many pieces make it?
39. Off a cart or perhaps a carriage, which shifted muck or maybe graced a marriage. Many pieces reach from rim to hub; you have to count how many, that's the rub.
40. Where's a 'Y' and not an 'I'?

Descend into village, turn LEFT at Tudor Thatch and behold on your left Shangri-La - journey's end.


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

URL: http://bilboroughgrammar.tripod.com/1957-2000/appendix/s.htm