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Bilborough 1957-2000
Portrait of a College

Appendix I


Guide-lines on dress

You will appreciate that it is my duty to ensure that all Bilborough pupils appear in dress which brings credit to themselves and the school. In order to avoid flashiness and extravagance of dress I have drawn up the following simple rules which I hope will seem reasonable.

Suggestions for Girls

  1. Dress: suit, skirt and blouse; skirt and jersey; skirt and twinset; dresses.
  2. Shoes: low or medium heeled. Boots: for outside wear only. Shoes to be worn in the school building.
  3. Stockings: normal (not patterned) nylon; no extravagantly coloured woollen tights.
  4. Make-up: girls who wish may wear light make-up.
  5. Jewellery: no obtrusive jewellery, or earrings.

Suggestions for Boys

  1. Suits, sports jackets: since all boys will have to face an interview either for University, College or Business Firm it is imperative for them to have a lounge suit. This could be worn at school as an alternative to school uniform. If parents so wish a sports jacket may be worn instead of a school blazer. I repeat however, that every boy should have a lounge suit for the formal occasion, eg interview. At Speech Day boys will wear either school uniform or a suit.
  2. Pullover: any pullover should have a V-neck, to show shirt and tie.
  3. Socks and shoes: no restriction.
  4. Shirts: to be in keeping with the suit or jacket and not to be too gaudy in colour.
  5. Sixth form tie: this is an attractive tie, but it need not be compulsory.


Mike Robinson
18th September, 1999

URL: http://bilboroughgrammar.tripod.com/1957-2000/appendix/i.htm