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Bilborough Grammar School
School Photograph, 1961

[ School badge - small ]

[ School Photograph 1961 ]

Thanks to Chris Haywood for making this photograph available. His accompanying note follows:

Names for you.

Start from Mrs Sullivan. [ Mrs Sullivan (nee Loach) ] There are 3 lady teachers on her right and between the last two of these stands a short, smiling boy with a funny quiff. That's me. [ Mr haywood ]

To my right are the following ( "?" means don't know):

?; Chris Davey; Alan? Gill; Keith (Polly) Flinders; Robert Allwoood; ?; ?; Alan?Hunter; Robert Horton; Peter Esden; Glenn Lewinski; Colin Simmonds; Chris? Tubb; Mick Upton; John Allison; Robert Brown; Ian Hudson; Michael Winckley (dec'd); Robert Breckles.

To my left are the following:

?; Starchy Whitham; ?; ?; Richard Bailey (dec'd); Philip Davis; ?; ?; ?; John Ryland; Reggie Simpson; ?; Derek Aizlewood; ?; ?; David Beeson; ?; ?; Fisher?; Smith; Chris Bostock; ?; ?; Geoffrey Sewell; ?; ?; Stephen? Robinson; ?; ?; Geoffrey Shaw; Chris Pratt; Wright ... (then next year boys).

Michael Upton may be able to fill a few gaps and Lynn Powell (nee Woods) could tell you most of the girls in our year, I imagine.

I expect you can take it from there with other students?

Unfortunately, I can''t -- when this was taken I was still in the green-and-yellow of Portland Junior School. I must therefore leave it up to YOU THE READER!  If you recognize yourself, or can name any of your fellow scholars, contact us through the Yahoo Group.

Richard Challand writes:

I was in 4L at the time. I've been studying the picture again (in fact I still have a print of the original) and can identify about 100 of the pupils so far (mostly in the fourth form). Details will find there way to you in the near future. Its a bit difficult identifying positions at the back because I recall everybody falling over themselves to get into the picture and we were trying to stand on only half the number of chairs that there were pupils. It was windy at the time and the photographer had trouble setting his exposure because of the sun going in and out. A good stunt though - and now a challenging test of long term memory.

I know that other long term memories are in process of being challenged, but no results so far. Come on Bilborough!

Mick Hardy writes:

Just messing about on the internet. Came across the website and the photo. I am 6th from the left on the front row next to Steve Winstanley. I was at the school from 1960 to 1965 coming straight from Portland Junior School.

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John Martin
May 31, 2017