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Bilborough Grammar School

[ School badge - small ]

School Photograph, 1961

Staff Photograph, 1965

Meeting in Mexico

Sent in by Glenn Latimer,   February 15, 2003.

[ Chris Haywood and Glenn Latimer ]

Chris Haywood and Glenn Latimer enjoy a cerveza in Riviera Maya, Mexico where they'd gone to get away from the cold of southern England and the COLD of Peoria, Il, respectively.

2nd Year Form Photograph, 1959

From Tony Warwick

[ 2nd Year Form Photograph, 1959 ]

This photograph has been around a bit! It is apparently in Tony Warwick's possession in Australia. He e-mailed it to Dave Robinson whose e-mail address he'd found on the guestbook. Dave forwarded it to Chris Haywood in England who forwarded it to me in Canada. Here it is coming to you wherever you are by the magic of TCP/IP. John

Tony wrote to Dave:

[...] we all went to Player school and I was good mates with Dave Wardle, Phil Barrett and Mick Falconbridge.

I found your name again on the BGS web site where you wrote to Alan Gill.

I've attached a photo of our first year at BGS (after we had spent our first year at Forest Fields) ... I'm on the second row, and second from the left (in between Dave Cannon and Malcom Carter) ... note Wardle and Barrett on the back row!!!

[...] I live in Australia now (since 1969) ... have 4 kids and 7 grandkids!!

1st Rugby XV - 1959

Sent in by Mick Upton, summer of 2001

1st Rugby XV - 1959

Back row, left to right,
Chris Davy, Richard Bailey, Geoff Sewell, Chris Bostock, Dave Beeson, Rob Horton, Pete Esden

Middle row, left to right,
Dereck Aizlewood, John Allison, Alan Poxon, Peter (?), Colin Simmons, (?), Mick Upton, John Rylands, Phil 'Pip' Davies

Front Row, left to right
Chris 'Curls' Haywood, Rob Allwood, Andrew Milligan (?), Glen Lewinski

1st Cricket XI - 1959

1st Cricket XI - 1959

Back row, left to right,
Chris Davy, Colin Simmons, Andrew Smith?, John Allison, Glen Lewinski, Geoff Sewell, Rob Allwood

Front row, left to right,
Chris Jubb, Robert 'Tabs' Brown, Mick Upton, Chris 'Curls' Haywood

Mick Upton - 1999

Mick Upton - 1999

Mick Upton, 1999, Captain, Wollaton Park Golf Club

Mick Upton, Chris Haywood, Glenn Lewinski, Dorothy Dix and twenty or so others held a reunion in Wollaton the last weekend of November 2001.

Class 1P - Miss Patterson - 1969

1P - Miss Patterson - 1969

Sent in by Jane Pearson (née Harris), February 2002

Back row, left to right
Stephen Keetley, Anthony Dell, Robert Frost, Richard Brett, Jeffrey Mason, Terence Eaton, Martyn Audley, Charles Fox, Roland Elson, David Hugo

Middle row, left to right
Keith Hanna, Kathryn O'Brien, Elizabeth Sefton, Jayne Pycroft, Valerie Tivey, Jenny Ivas, Gillian Croft, Jennifer Whitney, Helen Morton, Derek Sharland

Front row, left to right
Susan Whitney, Helen Mitchell, Jane Harris, Carey Newsom, Janet Topley, Ann Selman, Alison Barnes, Elaine Gosling, Susan Smith, Jean Spurr

Form Photograph, circa 1965

[ Form Photograph, circa 1965 ]

Sent in by Dot Bell (Dorothy Dix) with the following note:

I don't know if you'd be interested in the photo I found at home. It is a group of us in the lower sixth. Chris [Haywood] sent me a similar one with him on -- obviously taken same day, same place. Neither of us can work out what the groups were -- form or subject groups. Perhaps someone will remember.

Dot neglected to identify herself on this photograph. I stand to lose a huge amount of credibility if I get this wrong, but I think she's front row, extreme left. -jm

Reunion, 2001

[ Glenn Latimer, Chris Haywood, London, April 2001 ]

Sent in by Chris Haywood.

Glenn Latimer (formerly Lewinski), Chris Haywood, London, April 2001. The two managed to meet when Glenn was over for the London marathon, having re-established contact through the BGS web site.

Glenn found the site through an Internet search engine. Amazingly, he was looking not for BGS but for information on his grandfather. The engine turrned up the contacts page with Chris's comment, "Would love to hear from Glenn Lewinski."

Form Photograph, circa 1964

[ Form Photograph, circa 1964 ]

Sent in by Dave Fox.

Taken on the bank by the tennis courts at the back of the science labs.

Back row, left to right:
Trevor Gibbons, David Fox, Robert Prew, Andrew (?) Selby, Brian Jones, Keith Hale, Michael Davies, Brian Connolly.

Middle row, left to right:
Gail Yarnell, Jenny Woodburn, Margaret Sugden, (?), (?).

Front row, left to right:
Christine Hemsley, Margaret Smith, Stevie Pawlikiewicz, Margaret Atkin, Zita Bramley (?), Pat Shepherd, (?).

Form Photograph, 6S, '65/'66

[ Form Photograph, 6S, '65/'66 ]

Sent in by Mick Upton.

Back row, left to right:
Chris (?), Dave Brooks, (?), (?), Neil Hoskin, Russ Langford.

Front row, left to right:
Chris Pratt, John Florio, Darrell Dodds, Jim Hofton, Mick Upton, Phil Gee.

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John Martin
May 29, 2017